Tim Volckaert

°1979, Kortrijk (Belgium)

Lives and works in Oudenaarde (Belgium)


Tim Volckaert is steadily creating a coherent oeuvre. His work expresses his thinking in an organic way. It translates a world vision where duality - which characterizes and dominates the history of Western thought – is central. In his drawings, sculptures and actions the image of ‘the landscape’ is often the starting point. The landscape in the qualifiaction of ‘world space’ that serves as a backdrop to comment on the struggle of man with his environment. A critical reflection which is constantly fed by current affairs, environmental problems etc. The poetic work of Tim Volckaert articulates therefore also a sharp, accurate vision that is rooted in everyday reality, placed in a historical perspective.




2017  Camouflaged Pearls, Bruthaus Gallery, Waregem

2015  Works on paper, Galerie Van De Weghe, Antwerp.

2015  In Vitro, public sculpture, Oudenaarde

2015  PASS, The map is not the territory, Kunstroute, Mullem
2014  Re-Art, Oude Hospitaal, Oudenaarde
2014  Jeugdzonde - Over opus één en opus min één, LLS 387, Antwerp
2012  Between me and my mother, Gallery Gaggarin, Brussels (solo)
2010  Let the sun beat upon the window (with Louis De Cordier), Sons, Kruishoutem

2010  Valerius Erectalius, public sculpture, Etikhove

2008  Arte Santander, Galerie Van De Weghe, Antwerp
2008  Cuesta, Kunstroute, Tielt
2008  Art-Itecture, location project, Oudenaarde
2008  Antwerp Sculpture Show, Ottilia Pribilla Gallery, Antwerp
2007  Ename Actueel - Foundation, Ename
2007  Leaving these landscapes behind, Kunst Nu, SMAK, Ghent (solo)
2007  Sculpturen, Tekeningen, Kunstenplatform Van Den Storme, Oudenaarde (solo)
2006  Liaisons, Gallery Y, Brussels
2006  Project Seapod (with Louis De Cordier), The Busan Biennale, Busan

2005  Nieuwe aankopen, SMAK, Ghent
2005  Betoverd bos - artificial landscape, Sint-Maria-Aalter
2005  Palmarium, Young Artists, Vereniging SMAK, Ghent
2005  Driesprong, Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels
2005  In Positie #2 (with Steve Schepens), Time Festival, Ghent

2004  Rush, Kunstroute, Oudenaarde
2004  White Sculptures/Plasticines, UFO Gallery, Ostend

2004  Afraid of Red, SMAK, Ghent (solo)
2003  Grand Tour, Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ghent

2003  Wabi Sabi, location project, Zingem
2001  In Positie #1 (with Steve Schepens), Artifex, Gent

2000  Sculpturen, tekeningen, Galerie Emile De Cordier, Ghent (solo)