Katleen Vinck

°1976, Bornem, Belgium

Lives and works in Antwerp



2018   ‘Aanwas’, De Sokkel, Ninove, (BE)

2017   ‘Scenery IV’, PARKVorst, Tilburg, (NL) ‘Doggerland’, duo with Kurt De Wit, Pulsar, Antwerp, (BE)

2016   ‘Fractal’, Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp, (BE) ‘Au Fond’, duo with Wim Wauman, curated by Ilse Roosens,

            Mu.Zee,Permekemuseum, (BE)

2015   ‘Strategies against architecture’, Borger / Duinstraat, Antwerp, (BE) ‘Strategies against architecture’, De Warande,

           Turnhout, (BE)

2013   ‘Scenery III’, Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp, (BE)

2011   ‘Scenery II’, curated by Philippe Vandamme, Cabin, Antwerp, (BE)

2009   ‘Katleen Vinck in In Between’, curated by Ann Geeraerts, Antwerp, (BE)



2018   Bruthaus Gallery - DFFRNCE

2017   Art Rotterdam, represented by Base-Alpha Gallery, Roterdam, (NL) ‘Tussen muren’, Kunstacademie Tielt, Tielt, (BE)

            ‘10 Years Base-Alpha Gallery // Part1: Artists Of The Gallery’, Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp, (BE)

2016   ‘The Image Generator’, collaboration with Marc Vanrunxt & Kunst/Werk, Extra City, Antwerp, (BE) ‘Partcours /

            Parkunst’, curated by Guy Malevez, park Woluwe, (BE) ‘Into Nature’, curated by Monica Boekholt, landgoed Valkenstijn,

            Drenthe, (NL)

2015   ‘Bunkerarcheologie’, curated by Jonas Vansteenkiste, Broelmuseum Kortrijk, (BE) ‘The Temple Of Maybe’, Het paviljoen,

            Kask/Hisk/Smak, Ghent,(BE)

2014   ‘BORG 2014’, Antwerp, (BE) ‘Sarcophagen’, with Karen Vermeren, curated by Guy Malevez, galerie Short Cuts, Namen,

            (BE) ‘Le Plis / De Plooi’, Workplace Antwerp, (BE)

2013   ‘Topos’, curated by Stef Van Bellingen, Dordtyart, Dordrecht, (NL) ‘Coup De Ville’, curated by Stef Van Bellingen, Sint

            Niklaas, (BE)

2012   Art Brussels, represented by Base-Alpha Gallery, Brussels, (BE) BASE-ALPHA GALLERY I Kattenberg 12 I B-2140

           Antwerp I

2011  ‘Finisterre’, curated by Inge Henneman, FoMu, Antwerp, (BE) ‘What You Saved During The Sales,…,’ Base-Alpha Gallery,

           Antwerp, (BE) ‘Dead Darlings’, curated by Punctum / Re, KASK, Ghent, (BE)

2010   ‘A Groupshow’, curated by Punctum, Croxhapox, Ghent, (BE)

2009   ‘Belgian Paradis’, curated by Stef Van Bellingen, London, (UK) ‘Error #13’, curated by Ria Van Landeghem, Brugges

           (BE) ‘Error #8’, curated by Ria Van Landeghem, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, (NL)

2007   ‘Reflection’, Passendaele, (BE)

2006   ‘Existentie’, Labo I, Ghent, (BE) ‘Error #3’, curated by Ria Van Landeghem, Weert, (BE) ‘Sensor’, curated by Leon

            Vranken, Het Paleis, Antwerp, (BE)

2005   ‘Cellophane I’, II, Antwerp, (BE) ‘Error #3’, curated by Ria Van Landeghem, Weert, (BE)