Dolly Bing Bing

Elisabeth Van Dam


works and lives in Ghent

Guest artist


Is a Belgian artist/dancer and doctor in philosophy who trained at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Acad-emy (NL) and studied Fine Arts/Sculpture at KASK School of Arts Ghent (B) and Art History, Lit-erature and Philosophy at Ghent University (B). She makes dance and music performances, sculp-tures, installations, paintings and drawings and fuses her talents in what she calls contemporary Gesamtkunstwerke. She makes use of digital and social media, directs en styles high end photo-shoots about herself and her alter ego DOLLY BING BING in collab with artists and fashion de-signers and posts crazy pictures, clips and video to make her appearance online. She also writes idiosyncratic texts that have been called poetical, philosophical,  rich, refined, witty, even indecent . Her unearthly looks suffused with glamour and kinky vibes reflect her lack of conformity and off-kilter style. Her sturdily sculpted body is her tool and brain. Glossy make up, fashion, urban street style, black culture, (social) media, (super)stardom, futurism, fitness, ballet, athleticism and weight lifting compose Elisabeth’s daily artist life. From a sensual female gaze she creates a personal myth, simultaneously at one and out of pace with nature: a ritual and physical culture between heaven and earth that is both primitive and complex, erotic yet comical, familiar yet strange. Elisa-beth questions the power of womanhood taking femininity as a heroic, spiritual and sexual space of warriors and lovers. Shaping a new Übermensch, made from the future and made for the future, defending the beauty of love and the glory of birth, is her biggest fascination. This can be seen in her ‘juicy’ Gesamtproject DOLLY BING BING, a glamorous alien popstar she impersonates in challenging performances. Absorbing Elisabeth's life as Gesamtkunstwerk and as glitzy heroine DOLLY BING BING bewitches the audience with FULL POWER, SEX and LOVE.


Elisabeth's music and performances as DOLLY BING BING are created in collaboration with com-poser/producer Alien Observer (Laurens Mariën, NEIN, ex-Soldier’s Heart).

Elisabeth is supported by Het Zoekend Hert ° The Searching Deer (Antwerp, B), is offered an artist studio at Nucleo (Ghent, B) and is a short term artist in residence at Vooruit Kunstencentrum (Ghent, B).



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