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Modern ist Vorgestern (dixit O. Kokoschka):

About the exhibition:


Since the summer of 2021 Evert established his studio at the Leie in Astene. For someone who studies the history of painting in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this is no coincidence.

Inspired by the Leie painters and the Latem school, he steps outside with canvas and palette in a quest for light and colour. Just like them, he paints his landscapes in direct dialogue with reality. His brushstrokes obsessively note every stroke of light and colour.


Sometimes the painterly madness seems near. A colourful explosive force that we also know from works by Van Gogh and Oskar Kokoschka.


With oil paint, he explores the enormous range of visual and technical possibilities. Debusschere consciously and physically studies the various painting styles from the end of the 19th century to the interwar period. By doing so, he also discards what is allegedly contemporary, opting resolutely for the madness of the stimulated retina and the stimulated mind.


This exhibition consists of a selection of works from the last year, in which Evert centrally shows one large winter landscape in the Citadel Park of Ghent, flanked by solid spring and summer works on the surroundings of Ghent and Leie.


In all the works, we see the stormy madness of colour. The obsession of an artist who rejects the so-called modern.

Because... 'Modern is the day before yesterday'.

 J.Van der Borght


About the artist:


Evert Debusschere (°1996) was already obsessed with art at a very young age. It all started with collecting documentation and depicting what he saw: modern life, trains, cityscapes, history, but also his rich imagination found a plastic way. As a child, he already looked with admiration at images by artists such as Hundertwasser, Miro, Picasso and Van Gogh.


From the time of his graduation (Luca School of Arts) in 2019, he had a studio in the city, we saw mainly cityscapes, industrial elements and harbour views. References to expressionism and social realism were then remarkably present in his work.


His current work finds roots in Chinese landscape painting, Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Russian Analytical Realism, Expressionism and Futurism. And that is how we should view this exhibition.




Modern ist Vorgestern (dixit O. Kokoschka):

About the artist:


Che Go Eun (°1988 - Seoul / South Korea) lives and works in Antwerp and Seoul


Che Go Eun trained in Korean traditional painting, expanding her work into the digital medium. She has a unique relationship with the pre and post digital era, which is particularly characteristic of her artistic practice.

Her artistic research is inspired by folklore, religious iconography and cyber-culture, she often draws references from them. She conscientiously investigates the history of locations and places, interweaving the stories of the present, the past, and an imagined future. Combining elements of Korean shamanism, Christianity and Western folklore, her practice embodies stories of WOMXN and their sexuality.


Note: Che Go's work will soon be on display at the railway stations in Bruges and Leuven, as part of EUROPALIA - Trains & Tracks - Arts Festival - 14 October 2021 to 15 May 2022.




Bruthausgallery on Art Rotterdam:

L'Ivresse du jeu:

Willem Boel & Les Monseigneurs :

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01/07 - 04/07/2021


BOOKRELEASE: Sunday 06/06 - 2-6pm


'Comme si de rien n'etait'- Catalogue & cahier intime - edition MER. Borgerhoff & Lamberigts


FINISSAGE: Sunday 06/06 - 2-6pm


Anna Lange - Camille Dufour - Evert Debusschere Hugo Debaere - Joëlle Dubois - Les Monseigneurs - Nina Van Denbempt - Pieter Jan Martyn - Steven Antonio Manes - Willem Boel

Anna Lange - Headed for the finish line

Nina Van Denbempt - The A-A-Angel of death (right behind me)

Les Monseigneurs - Book launch

Joëlle Dubois - Toilet Paper Panic

Evert Debusschere - Harbor Gent

Willem Boel - De Nieuwe Molens #13